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Floor scrubber Sprintus EM 17

Price:780.00 GBP
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High-performance single disk machine with 10 litres freshwater tank -

optimal weight- maximum result


Intensive cleaning of all floor surfaces, light buffing work.

The EM 17 R, with its robust epicyclic transmission, is designed for hard, daily use. The 10 litres freshwater tank ensures convenient, quick work.
Through the tool-free changing of its scrubbing disks, the EM 17 R can be adapted to any surface without long waiting times.
In combination with the Queen Bonnet pad, various individual cleaning effects can be achieved. The scrubbing pressure can be raised using the optional 14 kg additional weight for optimal results on strong, stubborn stains. With its large, rubber-coated back wheels, the machine can be tilted back, leaving no traces on sensitive surfaces during transport.



  • Robust epicyclic transmission
  • Integrated 10 litres freshwater tank
  • Changing of disks and brushes without the use of tools
  • Large, rubber-coated transport wheels

Technical data

  • 220-240 V / 50 Hz

  • 1200 W

  • 154 rpm

  • 17‘‘ / 432 mm

  • 16-17‘‘

  • 10 litres

  • 38 kg

  • 12 m

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