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FKC 46

Price:2340 GBP

It is ideal to clean and maintain small and congested spaces that are difficult to reach with traditional machines and manual systems.

Compact design and handy, this model is equipped with two tanks with a high capacity of 30 It that can be easily accessible for the cleaning of the same and for machine maintenance operations.

It ensures a long running time with two 12 V 11OAh AGM batteries which are included; the battery can be easily charged by a simple procedure with incorporated charger 24V 11Ah.

It ensures an excellent floor drying thanks to the adjustable squeegee, followed by the supporting wheels.

We can offer a large range of accessories such as brushes, pad holders, abrasive pads and drying blades made of rubber and polyurethane, to deal with all kinds of dirt on any type of surface.

Clean Area m2/h 1800
Vacuum Motor W 550
Brush Motor W 400
Brush Diameter mm 460
Brush Rotation RPM 150
Power Supply V/Hz 24/DC
Squeegee mm 710
Brush Pressure Kg 20-35
Solution Tank Lt 30
Recovery Tank Lt 30
Depression mm / H2O 1170
Weight Kg 60 + 52 (Batt.)
Dimensions mm 1000x430x950
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    Small size for the semi-professional hot water. Handy, easy to carry, K130 is the good middle solution for the semi-professional cleaning exigencies.

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    The New Universal HFM 1523 is truly two machines in one, providing the optimum balance between the two primary functions of scrubbing and polishing floors.

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    Faster battery recharge time than the TTB4055 & TTB4055T and 50% larger capacity tank, making this machine the ideal for larger areas.

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